I am endorsed by DW Drums, Zildjian, Remo, Vater, LP, and MAY internal drum miking systems. I use SKB Drum and Hardware Cases. The Revolutionary Roto-molded D-shaped drum case design with molded in feet for upright positioning and stability. Patented Roto-X pattern for durability and reliable stacking. These companies make the absolute best products on the market today. I would not play anything else. My current set up includesmf the following:
  • DW Collector's Series VLT Maple Drums in Broken Glass Finish Ply
  • 18x22" Bass Drum (x2)
  • 6.5x14" Maple Snare (x2)
  • 6.5x14" Copper Snare
  • 6x14" Edge Snare
  • 10x12" and 11x13" Rack Toms
  • 12x14", 14x16", and 16x18" Floor Toms
  • 8x22" Woofer (x2)
  • 9000 Single Pedal (x2)
  • 9000 Double Pedal
  • 9500 (2 leg) Hi-Hat Stand
  • 9700 Straight/Boom Stand (x7)
  • 9300 Snare Stand (x2)
  • 9900 Double Tom Stand
  • 9101 Extra Low Throne
  • DWSM778 Dog Bone (x2)
  • DWSM2141X Hi-Hat Stabilizer
  • DWSM773 Accessory Clamp (x2)
  • DWSM2030 Counterweight
Zildjian Cymbals
  • 15" A Custom Mastersound Hats
  • 19" A Custom Rezo Crash (x2)
  • 20" A Custom Rezo Crash (x2)
  • 21" Z3 Mega Bell Ride
  • 20" Oriental China Trash (x2)
Zildjian Cymbals
Heads & Sticks
  • Snare Drum - Coated Emperor X on top and clear Diplomat on bottom
  • Toms and Floor Toms - Coated or Clear Emperors on top and Clear Ambassador's on the bottom
  • Bass Drums - Clear Powerstroke 3 on batter side with Falam Pads and Remo Custom Ambassador FireHouse Heads on front
  • Vater Sticks - Rock wood, XD5B wood, Splashsticks
Heads & Sticks
Latin Percussion
  • Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
  • Double Row Tambourines
  • Egg Shakers
  • Soul Cajon
Latin Percussion
Miscellaneous Equipment
  • MAY Miking Systems - AKG D112RF (Toms, Floor Toms, and Woofer) and May Monorail equipped with AKG D112 and a Beta 91 shock mounted inside the drum
  • Porter & Davies BC2 tactile monitoring system with the Round Throne Top
  • Westone In Ear Monitors
  • SKB Cases
  • MyStarSound Cables
Miscellaneous Equipment
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